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Acquisition of Switzernet’s activities by Powertel GmbH and Introduction of FREE CALLS to MOBILES in 54 COUNTRIES

You have asked for free calls to mobiles? Your dream product is delivered!



Dear customer,



We announce, that the activities of Switzernet are acquired by Powertel GmbH on 2017-03-10.


Diverse market studies brought us to a decision that Switzernet, as a mark shall keep and enforce its main direction to provide the lowest rates for telephony to the end users, a direction which was taken 15 years ago.


Thus, we are happy to announce, that Powertel GmbH, provides a financial backing to make a new and powerful move to confirm our position in the market!


We pass from 9 CHF/monthly subscription fee to 14.5 CHF/monthly subscription fee for private account type holders to provide our customers FREE CALLS to MOBILES in 54 COUNTRIES, fixed calls to which are free now!


Calls to MOBILE numbers for following countries BECOME FREE :


·   Andorra New ·   Czech Republic New ·   Ireland New ·   New Zealand New ·   Slovenia New
·   Argentina New ·   Denmark New ·   Israel New ·   Norway New ·  South Korea New
·   Australia New ·   France New ·   Italy New ·   Peru New ·   Spain New
·   Austria New ·   Germany New ·   Japan New ·   Poland New ·   Sweden New
·   Belgium New ·   Greece New ·   Luxembourg New ·   Portugal New ·   Switzerland New
·   Brazil New ·   Guam New ·   Malaysia New ·   Puerto Rico New ·   Taiwan New
·   Bulgaria New ·   Hong Kong  ·   Malta New ·   Romania New ·   Thailand New
·   Canada  ·   Hungary New ·   Mexico New ·   Russia  New ·   Turkey New
·   China  ·   Iceland New ·   Morocco New ·   Singapore  ·   United Kingdom New
·   Cyprus New ·   India  ·   Netherlands New ·   Slovakia New ·   United States 
·   Estonia New ·   Venezuela New ·   Guadeloupe New  ·   Kazakhstan  New  



Certainly, the cost of calls to mobiles is much higher in the wholesale market, but after careful reflections and with the financial backing of the new acquirer, we decided to make this move.


This service currently will remain limited only to existing customers.


Starting from September 2017, new customers can access the free calls to mobiles at 19 CHF/month.


Only registered customers will benefit an exceptional price of 14.5 CHF/month.


Free calls to mobiles for all existing customers will be introduced soon, but the subscription fee change from 9/CHF to 14.5/CHF is planned only in September after the formalization of the product and of an internal billing system.


Thus only existing private account type holders will be privileged to benefit this incredible offer!


Hurry up to not miss your chance to become a customer before the launch of the new platform within this short period of time!


Subscribe now and benefit a product that has no equals in the market! https://www.switzernet.com/web-interface/signup/


More changes and an eventual extension of our list of free destinations are planned to be brought to life soon!



Best regards,
Switzernet Team