Switzernet VoIP téléphonie IP Suisse call the world for almost nothing from Switzerland: free calls to Switzerland, Germany, UK, United-States


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To use Switzernet, nothing is more simple: you just need a highspeed Internet connection, ADSL or cable, and one of our handsets. Plug it to Internet and that’s it! You also can use a classic analogical telephone to take advantage of the Switzernet offer with the help of one of our adaptators, or you can make and receive calls directly with you PC after having downloaded our free software.

An incomparable tariff offer with traditional telephony
Communications costs proposed by Switzernet are without competition with traditional operators. Switzernet offers you free telephone calls for many countries in Europe for exemple. Further, a call to China on the fixed network costs 2 swiss cents per minute compared to 65 swiss cents with a classic Swisscom line, that is to say 30 times cheaper with Switzernet!



For more information, check out our tariff offer.

“Communication rates comparable with those of SkypeOut, with a use’s comfort definitely higher” (L’Hebdo, 24 mai 2006)

A real telephone number
Every Switzernet’s customer receive a real swiss telephone number (ex. 021 550 11 12).

With Switzernet, you are reachable everywhere in the world, as at home…
Your telephone number (for example 021 550 11 12) follows you everywhere so that you remain reachable at any time and so your calls are always invoiced with the local rates. If you take along your Switzernet telephone on a journey, you will not have to pay roaming costs any more! Switzernet is the solution to the prohibitve prices practised by the mobile operators for the use of the portable telephone abroad.

A fairer invoicing, to the second
Our invoicing is done second by second, so there is no next minute round off. With Swisscom, the call’s duration is round up to the next 10 cts. Other operators round up to the next minute. Thus, with Switzernet, you can make an additional saving which can represent up to 30% of the monthly invoice.

Why adopt this technology now?
This technology is mature today and “ToIP solutions today are as reliable as traditonal telephony” (PME magazine, 28.4.06). And the medias affirm it again: “commutated technology will disappear in aid of  IP technology in five or ten years » (PME Magazine, 28.4.06). Then, why shouldn’t you benefit from it immediately?



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