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VoIP developer / Network administrator

Open position


Job offer

VoIP Developer / Network administrator

Powertel/Switzernet is looking for a motivated and experienced developer with the following profile for an immediate hire:


Engineer with knowledge of mathematics and analytic thinking.


We require not only coding skills but analytic thinking, experience in processing of large data sets, in optimization of algorithms. PhD or Master Degree in computer science and telecommunication.


Programming/coding skills:

(Average of several thousand lines per project)

-Programming: C, C ++

-Scripting: bash, perl, python, PhP

-Databases: MySQL

-Administration of UNIX / Linux servers-Network knowledge: IP protocol (TCP / UDP), IP address / IP routing, sockets

-VoIP: SIP, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio

-Traffic Analysis Tools: ngrep and wireshark

-Redundancy, cluster, cloud concepts

-Knowledge of DNS, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, Dovecot



You will participate in all operational processed such as:

Analysis of the current network

Optimization of the network infrastructure

Generation of statistics

Analysis of network data

Development of fraud detection and prevention systems

Development of new monitoring systems

Comparison of various telephony systems and stress tests

Generation of large number of calls for stress tests

Comparison and diagnostic of various voip billing solutions

Benchmark of various voice and video codecs

Participation in the development of new services


You are:

-A motivated, organized, dynamic person with a common sense with an analytic thinking and fundamental knowledges.

-You have the ability to concentrate on the current project.

-The will to complete your projects is in your nature.

-You document your own work






Those candidates who successfully pass the interview and tests at distance, need to pass/do 1 full week intensive test in the office which will be paid, depending on the project.


Send your CV and motivation letter to  jobs@switzernet.com.
Subject: [1'ha9'1 jobs] switzernet.com firstname lastname


Best regards,

Switzernet Team