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Operation transfer

All operations are transferred from Powertel to 4z.com


Dear Customer,


Your telephony services are currently provided via old systems, unable to offer the best quality and the stability.


Company Powertel GmbH which initially intended to provide resources for the replacement of the system (of about 1'200'000 CHF), unfortunately abandoned all its intentions and does not assume any engagement or cost. Powertel GmbH by paying a penalty for the non-respect of its obligations has transferred the entire operation to us, 4z.com.


Starting from the next month we have the intention to totally replace the telephony system and its servers with a more modern system offering much higher stability and additional services. The total migration of customers from the old system to the new system will start in July and will end by the end of this year.


You will not experience any interruption of the services, as we will carry out many control and testing steps during the transfer from the old equipments to the new.


All our contacts numbers and addresses remain the same, but will improve in quality.


You do not need to sign a new contract. However, in order to make the technical transfer from the old equipment to the new system possible, and respect at the same time all public switched network routing formalities imposed by OFCOM, we need the a PoA which you must sign and return to us. This is particularly due to the fact that 4z.com has established an interconnection of high capacity with Swisscom and other operators which is different from the interconnection used presently (SS7).


Without this PoA, we may experience delays in transfer to the new hardware, and you may experience problems with the incoming calls due to routing in Teldas and Swisscom.

The mentioned PoA will be emailed to you. You can contact us also at support@switzernet.com to get the PoA or in case of questions.


We hope to be at the level of your expectations with the new modern telephony system.


Best regards,

Your 4z.com team.