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Configuration Zoiper on android


Download application from Google Play.

Fill your 4Z.COM number ( 41xxxxxxxxx) and service password and click on CREATE ACCOUNT. Look photo 2  below.

Fill your sipxx.youroute.net and click NEXT (photo 3 below).


Now you have this page where you have to fill data.

Click on small square. Now you can type your 4Z.COM number and SAME sip ( like on photo above) and click NEXT.


Wait a bit and click on SIP UDP and click FINISH.


Click on Menu.





Click on Settings;


Click on your account ( blue square , photo below).



  1. If you followed well previous instructions your account should look like this on photo (1).

  2. Now scroll down until NETWORK (photo 2).

  3. When you click on NETWORK, Transport type MUST be UDP, and Use STUN = NO.

  4. Now, go out from there.


Here you can see the account is configured well. And, at the end, test calls.