Switzernet VoIP téléphonie IP Suisse call the world for almost nothing from Switzerland: free calls to Switzerland, Germany, UK, United-States




Installation of the application
Configuration of your Switzernet VoIP account
Activation of Codec G729


Installation of the application

App store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/acrobits-softphone-sip-phone/id314192799?mt=8

Click on Application to buy and download.




Choose option -> Use Push notifications
Push Notifications is the recommended method for receiving calls when Acrobits Softphone is not in the foreground. It's also less battery consuming.



Configuration of your Switzernet VoIP account

To add a new Sip account choose -> New SIP Account



Fill in your account details and click  -> OK
Title = Your phone number in format 41xxxxxxxxx
Username = Your phone number in format 41xxxxxxxxx
Password = Your SIP/VoIP password
Domain = sipx.youroute.net (X is the number of your sip server). For ex. sip4.youroute.net
Display Name = Your phone number in format 41xxxxxxxxx



Now it’s time to configure advanced settings of your account.
Click on blue arrow next to the number (as shown on screen shot below):




Go to -> Advanced settings



Set the Codec preferences for WiFi and 3G in order shown below.
To change them just drag-and-drop the codecs by tapping the square icons available on right corner of each codec (shown on screen shot).




Important note: codec G729 must be bought separately.
It’s important for good voice quality.
Below you will see how to buy the mentioned codec.
Please note also that in Softphone you can install few SIP accounts and for each SIP account the codec G729 must be bought separately, as well as the WiFi and 3G codec preferences must be set up, again separately for each account.


Activation of Codec G729

For better voice quality, we advise you to activate the codec G729. This option is not mandatory.

To purchase the codec G729, go to Softphone Settings .



Then in, SIP Accounts -> Add-ons, click on G.729 Annex A Codec and finalize the purchase:

Note: Make sure Incoming calls are -> Push Notifications